Cristian is the name of a Mexican person who can be a literal asshole at times but you still hang out with. He's pretty cool at times and doesn't give an shit in other times. He can be really annoying if you say one thing he'll stay on that topic for 2 hours and annoy you. He's usually shorter than 5'5 and wears glasses. It other than that Cristians are pretty damn cool.
Random friend: Hi Cristian how are you?
Cristian: I could be better...
(2 hours later)
Cristian: and that's why I'm depressed.
by Book_Writter7374 March 20, 2020
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a weird-ass kid who does anything to get a laugh, he gets ass whenever he wants, but hes fucking weird
cristian: hey guys look *fucking dies*
nigga: lmao thats great, moving on..
by sticko'butter March 05, 2019
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Cristian is one of the best people to talk too, he will make your heart race when u see him and your heart stop with his smile. He always seems to be able to make almost anyone laugh at any given time his not like other guys his loyal to his girl and would do anything to keep her happy, overall His a hot , sweet, loyal guy that will take your breath away if u get a Cristian in your life don’t lose them u won’t get them back.
(Cristian and some girl talking)
Girl thinking his such a good person to talk to
by Yeet_es_the_fetis November 14, 2019
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Cristian, where do I start! He will show you he loves you Ik so many ways, back hugs, complementing you and way more. He never likes to rush relationship and loves to spoil you. He knows excatly what to say at any occasion and makes you laugh everyday. He wants to show you that your worth it and if you meet one don’t let him go, he lives to make his girl feel good and he tends to get jealous but when it field to his girl. He will always protect her whatever he occasion is. His back hugs are the best and will never make you feel bad. Always cares abt you especially when you are sad he will be sad too. Never let him go, if he says he loves you he means it. He doesn’t often liek someone so when he does he will treat liek you are about to die. You will always mean smth to him and even if you break up he will still want to be friends with you. So once again never let him go! Curly ish hair,blue eyes******,tall, super nice,cute and gives the best hugs ever 🥰 everything You could ask for and more
Random girl- woes who’s that?
Other girl-that is Cristian
by Bellao7 February 15, 2020
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