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When you are "cuddled" that means you are very comfortable preferably in a bed by yourself. You can be cuddled while cuddling with another person, but this words emphasizes you being comfortable in bed ready to sleep with a soft blanket and stuffed animal. You can also be cuddled while sitting on any sort of soft chair such as a sofa, bean bag, or bean chair. Most likely, one will be cuddled with a soft item or object close to them such as a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, ect... . To be more cuddled than usual, is to sleep in a soft bed alone. Couples can be cuddled, but not as much as single people because there is more room for singles than couples. But one person out of a couple can be cuddled while taking a nap, or sitting on a soft chair.
" I felt so cuddled last night while I was sleeping in my bed with my stuffed animal." Said Meredith

"I was not very cuddled last night because my wife kept moving in her sleep." Said Jason
by Girl Almighty May 26, 2016
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