The reason to continue smiling. The most beautiful and protective guy you'll ever meet. His eyes are the most deep and beautiful forest you can explore. He is a badass who live the moment, you'll never find Cristian complaining about the past. He is locked in the present and enjoy living it at high limits.
As a person he is the most beautiful, kind, lovable, caring, supportive, protective and VERY calm. He get's so jealous when his love one join the game. He love his family so much and he is a keeper. He looks good with a baby in his arms and everybody knows that he is the Best father. He never leaves you to solve your problems alone and always try to get under your skin, to know you better. He is the best and if you lose him, you'll never find someone better.
Sometimes you have to lose something that you like, to find what you actualul need, Cristian.
by Cris27A01tilexa April 15, 2020
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He is a little bit of an player and an ass sometimes, but he is nice and funny. He is someone who will make u laugh all the time! He has a lot of friends and girl friends so he is very popular. He is short for a 7th grader and has a girlfriend taller than him lol. He is really cute and reminds me of Jack Dylan Grazer tbh! I can’t get him off my mind. He is smart, athletic, kinda dumb, ass sometimes, a little player, popular, but he is a good guy, and his gf is lucky to have him! He is also so cool to the point where he doesn’t need an H in his name aha
Person 1: omg Cristian is so cute and funny!

Person 2: he is a bitch but he is cool
by Jack is my lover😍 October 19, 2019
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A stupid little Asian cunt who eats ass for a living and will cause u to kill urself after 5 seconds of being near him. He will probably say dumb shit and everybody hates him for it. Nobody loves him.
"I hate that annoying little Asian named cristian."
by Death to many, but not all March 26, 2019
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A nice handsome guy likes to keep his girl safe but when you see his humor your going to think he is a terrorist. He likes

To make jokes about 9/11 bombing and even faggots
Cristian is a terrorist
by CoolGamerCR34 December 09, 2018
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