nicest kid in the whole world.
that is super musically talented.
and is amazing at art.
always puts a smile on your face.

and i bet hes super good at running too.
by meoowwkittycat May 05, 2009
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Someone who is strong and athletic. Someone who loves animal, dogs more than others. A handsome boy who at times can be annoying but you know that no matter how much he annoys you, you will always love him.
A: Have you seen Cristian today?
B: Yeah he looked really good.
A: He looks good everyday.
by Babycakes666 December 31, 2017
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Cristian is such a nice person, who loves and cares for you. He can sometimes pull to many bitches and is annoying asf but oh whale. He has a stupid bsf and doesn't care that she is fucking stupid. He has too much bullshit going on in his life but this bitch can take care of it all. Anyways going back on topic, he is a nice person to be around and will love you always; unless ur a psychological bitch.
Cristian is such an amazing friend.
If you have a Cristian in ur life don't lose him.
by Unknownxpsychologicalxbitch October 07, 2018
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The coolest guy on earth, also a pimp.
"Oh look at him! he's so cool, and he's such a pimp! He's definitely a cristian!
by Pseudogigolo November 03, 2010
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A guy that is perfect. He's really funny and can light up any room, and put a smile on anyone's face. And make people laugh to the point they cry. He's a very cute guy taht pulls a lot of girls but he's loyal and stays by there side. He also loves baseball and loves sloths. Over all he's perfect and any girl will be luck to have him by there side.
Cristian is cute.
by The Gina free October 23, 2017
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A very lit person (usually a guy) he is lit at dances especially Valentine's dances he is a player and very athletic he can't be stopped on the court not field because he's a baller.
Look at Cristian he's so lit.
by Ljgreen12 March 13, 2017
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