74 is gang slang for Gangster Deciples in the alphabet G is the 7th letter D is the 4th Nuff Said
by Bishop B June 16, 2003
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the reali$t niggaz!!!!
74 gansta disciples - 187 slo6s all my peoplz reppin da 6lue throw dem signs up!!!
12.12.12 love life an loyalty
by 6-point mamai December 28, 2004
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74 for is a pwerful number which in a whole mean standing on my six
i stay posted in bricks on my six slangin brick weak bitch
by qaebo_g_jones November 28, 2003
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It's 69, but putting five fingers in the girl's ass. It was supposedly quoted by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his younger bodybuilder days, told by Smeez on an episode of the Heidi and Frank Show (heidiandfrank.com).
Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Hey baby, you vant a 74? It's a 69, but with my five fingers in your ass!"
by badass833 September 28, 2011
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if you're looking this up from Selkirk it was a prank you numpty! We thought this would be the most hilarious way to tell you
person A: if he doesn't know what 69 is he probably doesn't know about 74 either

person B: don't talk about 74 maaan!
by 4th prankster October 4, 2013
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"we totally 74'd last night."
"yeah, man. 74'd"
"woah. props, dude."
by joefax March 31, 2009
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