A slang term for leaving your weed to cure in a jar/pot
I’m going to leave this nug to crematize
by AJT93 February 3, 2019
1) To completely obliterate another person or team in any form of competition

2) In sports, to humiliate your opponent to the point at which they are questioning their value as both an athlete and a person in general
While she had never thrown a bocce ball in her life, Beth completely cremated Chris in her first game with her undeniably impressive natural talent. Distraught, Chris subsequently contemplated jumping off the Bunker Hill Bridge into the Charles River.
by cmg0907 June 18, 2011
To burn a corpse, a dead corpse
that was a very lively cremation, i don't think the clowns soothed the widow.
by trogleprak January 29, 2006
When you trip on Dextromethorphan and smoke some Marijuana. The name refers to the sensation of being in an oven, being burnt at 3000 degrees F.
"Oh man, I just drank a bottle of Robitussen an hour ago. I'm so tripping. The weed is making it...oh my god... OH MY FUCKING GOD! IM CREMATED!"
by wafflekingLOL May 23, 2009
A guy who farts under his covers then suffocates himself in the thick concoction of manmade gas gathered underneath the covers. He claims it gives him a whopper buzz and gets him "Bobbied to bits mate"
Oh sam is such a cremate I saw him sniffing his fingers after fingering his arse at the skatepark
by Gravybaby666 March 4, 2021