Used to show never-ending love.
She loves me 3000
by lambiden June 6, 2019
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the saddest fucking number in the history of numbers. also signals morgan starks love to her dad.
friend 1: “hey bro i love you 3000

friend 2: *cries*


teacher: “what is 1000 plus 2000?”

uncultured swine: omg 3000”

every person who has seen endgame: *sobs*
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The year that no one will ever get to see.
Yo, I want to see the world in 3000
You can’t, you’ll die in like 50 years from now
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A term you use to put in back of words to make them sound better or more high tech. But really the update had no improvement to the original, if not made it worse, And they'll even charge a higher price for it.
Guy 2:"Hey man, you tried the new Lucky Charms 3000?"
Guy 2:"No not yet. Are they good at at all?"
Guy 1:"I dont know any change from the other lucky charms...And it cost me 4 bucks extra!"
by maxatron January 13, 2009
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A year where not much is changed but they live underwater, and your great great great granddaughter is doing fine.
3000: in actuality the human race is probably extinct. Let’s face it, we’re not gonna make it this long
by gracie1030 August 11, 2019
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A year when everything will either look futuristic or demolished, depending on if we end global warming or not.
The year 3000 is a long time away but if we fix the mistakes we already made and not make them again, then the Human Race should be able to hold off until then.
by Dubiks August 24, 2018
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