Noun: - Anything or anyone who resembles the human form

or lifestyle and obtains knowledge from the ability to learn and from experience.

Derived from: - the word homo sapien (latin 'Wise Man').

Plural - sapians

Pronounced - say (SAY-PEE-IN)
We are all sapians who strive for knowledge of any sort. We got to sapien-school to obtain this knowledge and hence becoming a 'wise man' (homo sapien) eventually.
by Atomikbom September 20, 2010
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The act of being so gay, You surpass the word "Homo" in "Homosapien".
Dude, stop rubbing up on George Bush, Or else people will think your sapien.
by Dueler of Dragons August 09, 2010
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A scornful nickname for an old, married pedaphile who is decended from German nobility. Short for Homo sapien.Relative of an aristochav.Also known in gay circles as Captain Crunch.
The Sapien, with his old age spots allover his face and jaundiced skin from Hepatitis, resembled a leopard who could never change his spots.
by f00 September 21, 2005
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A smart human being. 'Sapiens' means smart in Latin. We are all Homo Sapiens Sapiens, but some of us are just a little smarter!
That girl ain't exactly Homo Sapiens Sapiens Sapiens!
by Workmaster G February 12, 2004
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So you know how we're the homo sapiens right? Well according to my history teacher we've evolved into what scientists like to call homo sapiens sapiens which is cool and all, but what if you're not straight? May I introduce to you your new label, 'homo homo sapien sapien'. Very cool, I know.

Also I came out to my friends at 2 am because I accidentally labeled myself as a 'homo homo sapien', so it's very special pls use it to refer to yourself and others from now on (:
I'm not average my dudes, I'm a homo homo sapien sapien!
Let's get one thing straight, I am not. I'm a homo homo sapien sapien.
by Iezz April 20, 2020
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(n.) Brohmoh Saypien
A brother, dude, bro, friend.
Derived from the inferior Homo sapien name in bronomial nomenclature.
A bromo sapien can be identified by frequently wearing tank tops, eating bacon (and other fine snacks if I do say so myself), having the skin tone of orange, and usually attempting to have a threesome with every 9 or 10 around.
Joe: What's up my Bromo sapien?
Sam: Nothin'. Just having bacon while tanning and attracting many fine women. The usual.
by CantalopePuncher September 02, 2011
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A new intelligent species resulting from Homo sapiens' integration with technology. Techno sapiens are physically different from previous human groups through the use technology assisted genetic and physical modification. Techno sapiens evolution is technology driven and its genome will be different from Homo sapiens’ genome in ways never before imagined possible through natural evolution.
"On the following pages, photographer James Balog documents what he calls Techno sapiens: fusions of humans and machines that can be found today in American research labs and hospitals, and even on the streets. Add up the images, says Balog, and it's not hard to envision a race of flesh-and-technology beings with electric hands, legs of steel that run a two-minute mile, and perceptual powers unknown in nature."
by space_raccoon January 21, 2014
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