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This is what you say when someone says/does something stupid.
Usually the hand is extended and is pointing towards the intended person.
Tony: I like hate Englosh class but love reading.
Half the class: Boi. Get on somewhere.
by Your Fake Polo December 09, 2015
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A slang term used for making fun/roasting someone
Boi u look like a turtle without a shell
by Proah March 24, 2017
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Boi is a very rare species of frog found only in the north coastal area or at the Gulf stream. They eat bees, flies, and sometimes birds. They are carnivores and, instead of using their legs, they ride a one cycle bike for transportation. They are light green with small, black eyes. They can also speak some of the human language!
" Oh, shet! Here come dat boi! " the young British man said. " Oh shet waddup! " said the Boi frog.
by Shh bby don't u cri™ May 30, 2016
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A saying when someone does or says something stuipd.
Guy 1:"Hey, isn't Donald Trump the president of China"

Guy2: "BOI!!"
by Maddy_like_bruh January 22, 2017
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1. in the lesbian community, a young transgendered/androgynous/masculine person who is biologically female and presents themselves in a young, boyish way; a boidyke; often also identifies as genderqueer.

2. in the gay community, a young gay man;

3. in the BDSM community, someone who presents themselves in a young, boyish way and is usually a bottom/submissive;

4. an alternate spelling of boy often used by young teenage boys.
1. J doesn't feel like s/he fits the mold of any one gender. S/he presents hirself in a young, boyish manner, and hir appearance in quite androgynous/masculine. S/he's a boi.

2. J is a young, masculine gay male who presents himself in a boyish manner. He's a boi.

3. Daddy's boi and/or Mommy's boi.

4. My teenage brother and his friends often refer to themselves as "skater bois"
by Nik June 04, 2004
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