1) Adj: used to describe someone who has reached the highist rank of badass.
2) Adj: also used to describe someone who has mastered the fine art of pleasing the ladies in a badass form.
3) Synonym for Badass The epitome of the American male. He radiates confidence in everything he does, whether it's ordering a drink, buying a set of wheels, or dealing with women. He's slow to anger, brutally efficient when fighting back. The badass carves his own path. He wears, drives, drinks, watches, and listens to what he chooses, when he chooses, where he chooses, uninfluenced by fads or advertising campaigns. Badass style is understated but instantly recognizable. Like a fine car or a good pair of sunglasses: simple, direct, and functional.
1) "Dude, check that guy out... what a Crawford, I totally want to be him."
2) Marie: "So how did it go with your guy last night?"
Clara: "It was mindblowing!! I came like 20 times! He was a total Crawford.
3) Did you see that guy with the Ferrari and the Ray Bands? He is a total Crawford.
by IMAGHOST!!420 October 12, 2010
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To throw oneself off a cliff, landing on one's feet, leg first in to a suit made of cash. Award under one arm, a child in each hand.
Shit bro, you didn't even think about that shit. Now look at you. You pulled a mad Crawford there.
by Paperstraypintstraw March 19, 2014
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1. anyone that holds there own; badass, large male, i will own you it even goes higher than Chuck Norris...yes Chuck Norris; Wow that guy is pretty Crawford

2. a word used to describe anyone who is doing something legit; Those new air jordans are Crawford

3. if you find yourself in M-town layin down with a headache you may have just gotten a Crawford sandwich, a double, a beat-down Crawford style; I think i just got owned Crawford style
Crawford Powned
by awbree22 October 21, 2011
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Crawfords, They make yummy biscuits.
Person 1 Man did you just dunk a Crawford?
Person 2 Yeh. It was a taste sensation!
by Bethany Raggett September 16, 2007
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Sweatshirts and skirts 2k19. Cheeky window selfie. A passionate girl trying to change the world with her passionate hand gestures.
Literally no one:
Not a bloody soul:
Crawford: *flails hands in the air and screams*
by DanSmith123 May 28, 2019
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Normally a guy with a HUGE nose. Typically has a speech impedement. Awkward as hell, too. Can't make eye contact with the opposite sex without blushing and turning away, scared. Great at art! Usually has a crush on a girl named Celia.
"Dude, that guy was checking out Celia and never even talked to her... He's a total Crawford"

"Do you think I need plastic surgery on my nose? Shut the fuck up Crawford."

"He looked at Celia 148 times in 40 minutes. What a Crawford."
by Awesome Guy Not Crawford January 26, 2014
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A man who leaves, fucks over takes off on his girlfriend/wife without any warning or goodbye, never to return.
"I got home from work and my husband had packed up and left me. I had no idea he was leaving. He didn't even say goodbye. He's done a real Crawford on me!
by spoogesponge April 21, 2008
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