148 means "i love seungmin"
And Seungmin is a kpop idol
Ex: i love you
Me: im sorry but 148
Ex: what?
Me: 148 = i love seungmin

Ex: 😭😭😭
by Seungmin is my husband January 8, 2023
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148 is a number code for ‘I love Seungmin
Similar to 143, which means I love you
It’s not 143, it’s 148”
by Jessica loves Seungmin February 19, 2023
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The love I have for you!
It has been a crazy ride… some parts I could do without … just being honest,
We WILL have our fairytale ending!
You! This! Us❤️❤️❤️
by Dreams789 January 8, 2023
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Tonight my light
Shines so bright.
You are the reason

Regardless of the season.

Overwhelming delight
I feel your love tonight.
As I fly to yet a new height
How I love the sight.

If only you knew
How much I love you!
Do you have a clue?
It is only you I will pursue.

Someday I will have that tattoo

With you!
While I say I do
Until then, just know I will always love you!
I found my words…

And I found my love
That would be you
Oh how I love YOU!
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A mystical number that was discovered during a intercom malfunction at Los Osos Middle School.
by Chozo Elder March 26, 2004
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The IQ that your butt can't possibly possess which BTS's Rapmon certainly does being a smart ass brainy he is. Btw he is superrrr good in studies and is pretty good in English because of the world famous series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And he ranked as the top 1% in his exam. That explains why he is the leader!
Person: Rapmon is a hollow nutcase, such a dumbass!
Me: *searches "IQ 148" on internet and show him the results*
Person: Damn!
by Jungcock's Wifeu (P) October 23, 2017
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