A mystical number that was discovered during a intercom malfunction at Los Osos Middle School.
by Chozo Elder March 26, 2004
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The IQ that your butt can't possibly possess which BTS's Rapmon certainly does being a smart ass brainy he is. Btw he is superrrr good in studies and is pretty good in English because of the world famous series, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. And he ranked as the top 1% in his exam. That explains why he is the leader!
Person: Rapmon is a hollow nutcase, such a dumbass!
Me: *searches "IQ 148" on internet and show him the results*
Person: Damn!
by Jungcock's Wifeu (P) October 23, 2017
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O me, what eyes hath Love put in my head
Which have no correspondence with true sight!
Or, if they have, where is my judgment fled,
That censures falsely what they see aright?
If that be fair whereon my false eyes dote,
What means the world to say it is not so?
If it be not, then love doth well denote
Love's eye is not so true as all men's 'No.'
How can it? O, how can Love's eye be true,
That is so vex'd with watching and with tears?
No marvel then, though I mistake my view;
The sun itself sees not till heaven clears.
O cunning Love! with tears thou keep'st me blind,
Lest eyes well-seeing thy foul faults should find.
4585.0 kHz

4601.0 kHz
by Shakespeare May 25, 2004
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Rule 148 - If you're an MHA/BNHA (My Hero Academia/ Boku No Hero Academia) fan under the age of 13 you are invalid.
Young BNHA fan - "UwU Deku x All Might is my favorite ship! Uraraka is such a baka! She gets in the way of my UwU Rat boi ships."
Educated person. "Rule 148... Jesus Christ dude."
by Kurapikas_Property January 1, 2021
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What up BIATCH? Leave it at the tone.

Jesse Pinkman’s answering machine.
Skyler: *calls Jesse*
Jesse: Yo yo yo 148 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9 representing the ABQ. What up BIATCH? Leave it at the tone.
Skyler: *hangs up*
by Kafkaesque20 January 23, 2021
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