Have you seen Jasmines ass yea it's a piece of fine art
by Triple Bs November 10, 2017
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What www dot twitch dot tv slash icanbedanny makes every Monday from 9pm EST - 11pm/12am EST. During his very serious segment, "Paint Good"
Did you watch the latest Paint Good? ICanBeDanny was teaching some FINE ART
by ThrowAwayAccountLOL December 14, 2021
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this is the art of using everything in the food world not wasting anything. even moldy food thats green or bloody hiv disease food that are red. for moldy foods they would use to cover up mold green spices like green onion or basil, mint, chives etc. and red bloody hiv food was cover up with red peppers spices or paprika. even old potatoes with maggots was covered with chili or even cheese to block out the texture of dead worms.. maggots variety that turn to flies when they are alive. like a caterpillar turn to a butterfly. and a lot of people are more accustom to doing this. by frying stuff in batters or flour completely like fried chicken or fried shrimp. putting cheese or sauce over everything. or sewer water that the toilet flush to with dye and food coloring and sugar to drown out shit water taste. they justify it by saying everyone would die but they just want to make all the money they can.
the fine arts and the fine dining world....everything is painted the perfect picture telling the perfect lie to steal all your money from you and make you sick to your stomach and kill you without you even knowing it months to years later. and you wouldn't know what to track it back too.
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Scanning fine art at work is completely normal. I am currently scanning fine art as I write this. My favourite place to scan fine art is in public places such as movie theatres and playgrounds.

by iBalls December 1, 2008
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a public high school for the arts in Greenville, SC commonly referred to as the FAC that offers courses and instruction in theater, dance, visual arts, music, creative writing, and digital filmmaking. the FAC shares a common campus and many students with Wade Hampton High School and other public and private schools in in Greenville County, as well as homeschooled students and students from surrounding areas. love it or hate it, there are lots of hipsters and hippie-krits, and anyone who has been there since 2006 will probably say the personality of the school as a whole is deteriorating. but for South Carolina, the opportunities the FAC offers to students are incomparable. people are generally respectful of each other and there is a relatively high level of acceptance towards minority and LGBT students.
I go to Riverside High and the Fine Arts Center, where I play jazz guitar and take music theory.
by modusponens September 28, 2009
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The art that is made by people who know how to catch the attention of rich people. These rich people determine the worth, and quality of the art; proclaiming that all other art is inferior.
Oh, that yellow dot on blank canvas looks suspiciously like mustard. I’ll pay two million. I’ll also endorse your legendary art skills for the fine arts market.
by IAteAHobo June 20, 2018
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Someone who takes band, choir, and orchestra simultaneously in their high school career. This fills up one's 3 electives of that year. This word is said so that the person is a bitch of 'fine arts.'
Rachel is a fine art's bitch, she loves music too much.

Drew needs some extra classes so he's becoming a fine art's bitch.
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