"My flaccid penis mashed against the entry hole of her cranny."

"I bet Jesus had a tough time coming out of the Virgin Mary's cranny"
by Mattimus Van Gulick January 20, 2010
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mostly used as an adjective to define derro behaviour. Doing something with alcohol, cigarettes or drugs will get you referred to as this if you're a boy or Getting pregnant at a young age for girls
"look at that guy, hes so drugged up"
"yeah hes so cranny"

"Lisa got knocked up"
"Isnt she 16?"
"yep, shes so cranny"
by Gamey-seventeeeen January 19, 2009
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The result of a cranberry colliding at high speeds with a granny (grandmother). It has a fruity taste but wit ha hint of soap and denture cream mixed in. It is still considered a fruit, but not good to eat.
That's one plump cranny, dude.
Man, my cranny exploded on me the other day and now I'm all sticky.
by anonymousturtle3 December 18, 2009
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A grandmother’s vagina, the most sacred of all places; that which shall never be mentioned.
“Dude, my mom made me visit my grandma yesterday and all I could smell was her cranny! So stank!”
by JohnnyBlanco69 April 7, 2019
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Crannying is using Google in order to find out answers to trivia questions and passing them off as your own.
Can you name someone who has been a team mate of Micah Richards, Santi Cazorla, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shay Given and Andrea Pirlo?

Someone answers "Giuseppe Rossi" after 10 seconds.

"Fucking hell, he's been Crannying again!"
by Banterberry April 5, 2015
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When a chauvinistic bastard who conforms to the capitalist agenda likes something (E.g. A song or band) and causes it to reach a point where nobody else can enjoy it.
Zac:"Hey have you heard the new avenged sevenfold song?"

Tom:"Nah, I don't listen to them, they've been crannied"
by CraigO November 13, 2012
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