To enjoy something and have fun with it. To be a sarcastic asshole because you are a prick.
Mark says he is going to a club tonight. Brad says enjoy it.

Stephen is going to have friends over but his friend can’t go. His friend says enjoy it Stephen. (being a complete dick about it)
by Kames October 25, 2006
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A term used when you enjoy something more than just "enjoy," but not as much as crazy awesome good.
Roxie: I enjoy enjoy school in abnormal amounts.

Flower-Man: Wow, you're weird.
by blink182rox(ie) August 21, 2010
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A term stemming from when someone accidentally writes the word "enjoy" twice. Usually a freudian slip that demonstrates a zenith of euphoria and excessive joy.
Roxie: I enjoy enjoy school in abnormal amounts...

Flower-Man: Ok!
by Sbrinkles August 24, 2010
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A really awesome skateboard company, sponsors freestyle legend Rodney Mullen. Their mascot is a Panda, drawn in their unique way, one of my favorite skate companies.
Me: I got a white panda deck for my Birthday
Friend: That's pretty sweet man, I cracked my (Element)fiberlight today.
Me: That sucks
by It wont let me pick my name August 18, 2005
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(v) To please, or be pleasing.
Many people enjoy sex, drugs, and alcohol.
by Konrad July 28, 2004
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