Australian slang, derived from the word 'derelict'. Means hobo, bum, no-hoper, poorly-dressed, unkept person.
"Look at those derros on the street corner"
by dereleet September 20, 2004
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Derro - australian slang for derelict, namely teenage kids you dress like trailer trash, start smoking and drinking when they're 11 and learn their abuse of narcotics from their drug dealer/alcoholic/government support relying parents. Often live in government housing or low budget, dodgy rep suburbs.
International equivalents : Chav, 'gangsta', Adelay, Lad
*emo kid walks past*
Derro: Haii brahh, check out dat stupid fkn emo. Get im manh
Emo: Fuck off you derro loser. Go smoke some heroine
Derro: Yo brah what you say? Say dat to my face beetch. You wana start me ey?
by altkid September 18, 2008
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noun, Australian slang, ( derelict) U.S. equiv: Bum.
"What a derro he's turned out to be. He's passed out by the rubbish bin"

" dead set "
by herbie August 17, 2004
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a word to describe someone who dresses in borrowed tracksuits, wears corey worthington glasses, says things like "shattered", is easily confused and much like a bogan.
normal person points at gang of derelict bogans: "yo check out that bunch of derros over there"

derros: "Can u please buy us alcohol?"
normal person: "ahhhhhhh... no"
by atticus123456789 October 31, 2010
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An Island between the Nepean River and Blacktown
People who come from the area of Derros are affectionately known by locals of a slightly higher socio-economic class by the same name: Derros (pron: Dare-ose)
Derros can also be defined as poor-unfortunates with a low IQ who have more than likely succumbed to the popular pastime of said area: drug-induced theft.
by Ilovepanfers July 22, 2019
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someone who dresses like they are poor, even though they arent
"Oi Ned, check out that derro in those soleless tennis shoes"
by treearms August 28, 2005
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Slang for the population of Geraldton, a city north of Perth. The people are generally extremely unreasonable, irritatating and rowdy.
They also drive stupid trucks.
Guy 1 : Why was that guy such a retard?
Guy 2 : He was obviously derro gerro.
by roopoogoo July 24, 2011
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