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1. The process whereby a group of men go looking for sex with drug addicted prostitues in the ghetto.

2. When well-paid pro football players, just days before a superbowl game, get arrested in Miami while cruising for drugged up prostitutes in the ghetto (this really happened!!),

3. The act whereby dumbass bachelor party participants who are too cheap and too stupid to pay for real hookers/strippers will instand op to find much cheaper (and more dangerous) hookers who are willing to have sex for the price of their next drug fix
Bob: I want to have sex, but we're too dumb, lazy, fat, ugly and broke to get any hot girls without having to pay for it.

Tom: I know - let's call up the guys and go crack whoring in the ghetto.

Bob: Yeah! Because if we go with a bunch of dorky looking white and/or asian guys we won't get mugged, beatin' and robbed by the Homies when we cruising through the hood looking for skanks.
by viking2121 May 08, 2009
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