Danish people who can't spell the word "prostitutes".
You and your asian prostitues.
by The anti-danish guy April 15, 2006
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Her prostituents lined up at the docks for their favorite public servant
by CarMono July 28, 2011
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Someone who butters up politicians with favors, cash, or both in return for political favors.
I wonder what Joe, the village prostituent, did for the mayor to make his liquor license request go through so quickly.
by CarMono July 25, 2011
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Someone who regularly uses the services of a particular sex worker
She serviced her prostituents well during a long career of public service.
by CarMono June 5, 2011
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A situation in witch one or more sluts want to have sex with you real bad but due to circumstances you can't
1. Last saturday i was caught in a prostituation there were so many willing ho's at that party i couldn't possibly f*ck em all..

2. She was begging me for some but i was gonna mis my plane so i wasn't able to give her any..
by DaJeffers September 18, 2007
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like a prostitute, as a prostitute would do
Her lipstick and clothes looked quite prostituous
by the trigstar May 7, 2007
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A prostitue is a woman who exchanges sex for money. She sells her body for money. She can be a $5 crackhead streetwalker to a $3,000 escort. Porno stars can be called prostitutes. Porn stars make less than high priced call girls(adult movie stars make their big money stripping).
Transsexuals can be prostitutes. Crossdressers can be prostitutes. Men can be prostitutes for other men.
Rarely do straight women use a male prostitue(or gigolo).
Unfortunately prostitutes are too often underage children.
Prostitution is legal in Neveda and select countries.
Wanda is a crack ho prostitue.
I needed a prostitute so I looked under "escorts".
What's the difference between a porn star and a prostitue? Nothing.
by jack brickhouse April 16, 2006
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