Scottish slang for "your mother" usually used as a quick retort to an insult.
person1- you suck Dick
Person2- aye yer maw's dick.

I wiz shaggin yer maw.

Yer Maw's Muff smells like tuna.
by dickzilla August 11, 2004
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Maw is a common Scottish word for mother, however it can be used in many other situations where "mum", would not be at all appropriate! Instead of saying "No, I don't agree with that", one can simply say "Aye, yer maw", and walk away - by far the superior choice for those busy those of us with have more pressing matters to attend to.
1. "Your maw is braw (tasty/babelicious)"
2. Person 1. "Naw, yer fish"
3. Person 2. "Naw yer maw" (person 2 clearly wins the argument, it's easy when you know how)
by stranger December 22, 2004
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1. The mouth, stomach, jaws, or gullet of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.
2. The opening into something felt to be insatiable
2. “I saw the opening maw of hell” (Herman Melville)
by TkWolf February 1, 2004
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A word to say when there isn't anything else to say. The verbal alternative to lol
person1: ....
person2: lol

In real life:
person1: ....
person2: MAW!!
by Captain Salvador October 22, 2007
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A large enclosed retail establishment where one see and be seen. One can also purchase beauty supplies and/or hair extensions.
I saw yo sisa at da maw, and she be coolin with her chilluns.
by bluntedboy April 25, 2004
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