A person who lacks common sense and persists in making mistakes due to a lack of basic intelligence
Wait, so he said that in front of miss smith. Oh no, what a bidder”
by MeinKnieTutWeh January 24, 2018
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bidder is such a caring and strong, handsome guy. he is basically a genius and can solve any problem thrown his way. never disrespect a bidder.
bidder is so perfect
by mrbeast July 1, 2021
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A bidder who places a small bid on an eBay item then changes their mind several days later and cancels the bid. Nigger bidders get banned from eBay because they cancel bids too often, which is against system policy.
My item was up to 26 dollars, suavenegro77 bid 30 bucks, but then he canceled his bid four days later. I'm going to report that nigger bidder!
by Panzerwagen March 17, 2011
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When you bid on something on eBay and automatically regret it. Due to this regret you wish to retract your bid, but eBay rules don't allow this. You are left with a feeling of remorse hoping that someone will outbid you.
Sarah: Man, I just bid on a new phone on eBay.

Matt: That's exciting. Do you think you will win?

Sarah: I hope not, I have a bad case of bidder's remorse.
by lady tati March 24, 2011
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A teammate who follows you around in battle royale style games and steals your loot
"Hey Dan, can you stop being such a bidder!"
by TestTubeGubGubSnailMan August 20, 2021
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