A party lasting several days and nights that is thrown out of town by the grooms closest male friends, in 'honor' of the bachelor getting married. The groom celebrates things he won't be allowed to do once he is married some of them being entertained by attractive naked women, consuming large amounts of adult beverages, and acting in a manor that would never be displayed in front of his bride. A few of the essentials include: beer, hard alcohol, strippers, lap dances, hangovers, inappropriate conversation, questionable behavior, an air-tight 'bro-code', and an extremely annoyed bride-to-be who goes along with these charades lest she be 'old-fashioned, unsupportive, a stick in the mud,' or a 'bro-hater.' She is told by society that "this is a right of passage, or tradition that every groom is entitled to regardless of how she feels. So deal with it." What a great way to start off a marriage. It's simply an essential way to make your bride feel loved, respected, and cherished.
Did you hear about Todd's bachelor party? It's the night before his wedding and there's going to be a ton of women and alcohol.
by RachelSue September 10, 2010
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A party a man's friends throw for him before he gets married. There is often heavy drinking and/or strippers (i.e. all the things that he won't be able to enjoy once he's married.)
Two weeks after Tom and Becky's engagement, Tom's friends blindfolded him, threw him in the back of their car, and took him to Layla's Tongue Shop in downtown Harlem. Then next morning, still hungover, he thanked them for a great bachelor party.
by John June 13, 2007
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An attempt by a man's friends to celebrate their bachelorhood by filling a weekend with as many vivid illustrations and experiences to make said man hyper-aware of all of the great things about bachelorhood that he will be giving up.
I can't wait to go to my bachelor party so all of my friends can have an awesome time doing all of things I can no longer do.
by Trojan29 March 25, 2009
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A "bachelor" party thrown for a father to be on the day of the expecting mothers's baby shower. Hall passes are rare in this world and get even more scarce after a baby so take advantage when you can.
My wife had her baby shower yesterday so my boys threw me a "Baby Bachelor Party" where we proceeded to d0 our best impression of "The Hangover"...
by Freeslouz March 27, 2011
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A girlfriend who won't let her boyfriend go to bachelor parties. A girl who insists on going to an all guys bachelor party with her boyfriend.
Man, I don't know if I can come tonight. My girlfriend is being a bachelor party psycho.
by Hfield January 25, 2011
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—Verb phrase - To avoid one's responsibility to friends and roommates who are set to be betrothed; renege; back out usually with excuses that are found wanting

2004; akin to Muthin Out, Streiffin out

1. See Blazin Out

— Antonym
1. Loyal
2. Righteous
Dude Andrew is pulling a bachelor party bitch out because his mom is in town, sad part is he's making her sleep on the floor.
by Shaved Ape Baby February 20, 2010
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