Slang, referring to cocaine use and the white residue it leaves.
It can also be used to describe a look or action of a coke user.
Who left the ghostly prints on the mirror?

That chick at the coffee shop was acting ghostly, I think she is a cocaine user.

Is that guy a coke dealer? Yeah, he's my ghostly friend.
by HertzDonut September 21, 2010
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cool, awesome, when you really like something
that movie was ghostly
by qhostly4life June 9, 2008
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adj. - "A word referring to a situation or event that you may or may not be willing to partake in. Participating in a potential event low key. - "Engaging willingly in an activity when you know deep down that you probably shouldn't"
Tim : "Mike, we have been partying for 4 days straight with no sleep and theres already another party going down tonight. Are you down to go"?
Mike: Ghostly...

Phil: " Jeff you just lost 4 hands in a row at the Casino, are you really considering putting all the rest of your $500 on 1 hand...?"

Jeff: Ghostly...
by SuperSaiyanSief3 June 2, 2015
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A little boy who thinks he's cool but deep down he knows he a nonce and likes his farther
by Alex is a nonce 123 October 22, 2018
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When your wife or girl is sleeping you whip out your dick and gag the fuck out of her with it for 10 seconds straight then hide before she figure out what the fuck just happened.
Guy1: Yeah, I Ghostly Gagged my bitch the other day.

Guy2: Welcome to the club!
by JeremyWhiteFuckedAGoat January 20, 2010
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