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A whore who provides services for crack-cocaine.
"I got a fat bag of crack, so i'm gonna find myself a crack whore."
by Pr0ph3t March 28, 2003

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Slang for taking a shit.
If you need me, i'll be dropping the cosby kids off at the pool.
by Pr0ph3t April 04, 2003

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1 - A philosophy about music started in the later 1800's by supposed father of industrial music Luigi Russolo. The first recorded piece being "Corale" in 1921 by Luigi and his brother Antonio. The philosophy included using means other than the traditional means of creating music. With such devices as intonarumori, or noise machines.

2 - A short lived genre revived from a philosophy by Throbbing Gristle and continued by bands such as Einsturzende Neubauten, Laibach and Skinny Puppy.

3 - A term wrongly used to identify electronic and electronic rock music. Fits in with terms like techno and electronica. Industrial rock evolved out of this.

4 - Word associated with electronic music because of the artificial way it is made.

5 - Music beyond music.
That can't be industrial! They used traditional instruments. Not an experimental instrument to be found!
by pr0ph3t January 10, 2006

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A man who wants some pants.
"Solomon Grundy want pants, too"
by Pr0ph3t November 19, 2003

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An extremely useful device for handicapped people or pirates. It is used to ride around on much like a motorized wheelchair.
"Man, I was at WalMart today and a pirate rode up to me on a HoverRound and yelled 'FUCK!!!' at me."
by Pr0ph3t March 28, 2003

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Someone whose cranial structure and current hairdo, reflect that of a muffin-like shape or appearance.
Jarrod is a muffinhead. Look at that stupid haircut.
by pr0ph3t April 10, 2005

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A sly, cat-man pimp. He'll kill you faster than you can say "shenanigans".
Help, Catmandu is after me!
by Pr0ph3t April 04, 2003

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