someone who will do anything and everything in order to get their CRACK!!
ashely u be the biggest crack whore. always tryin ta get sommmmee!
by shannon February 20, 2004
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any man, woman, or spiritual entity who will do, and give, anything and everything they have for crack.
whore: YO man you gots any crack?
dude: fo sho but you gon' hafta start suckin bitch!
whore: oh hell yeah i gotsta get me that crack!


whore: gimme crack fuckers ill give you mah car!!
girl: i only sell raffle tickets for our school.
whore: ur liein bitch i no you liein!! gimme that crack!!


nigga: what you doin fool?
whore: ima lickin crack from the concrete!
nigga: damn you are a stupid crack whore..
by Jack van de Ven July 03, 2006
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1. Any person, primarily female, that will perform any act (usually sexuall, but not exclusively) for a unreasonably small ammount of money; this money in turn in used to purchase rock-cocaine, but also can be used for heroin, amphetamines, powder cocaine, schedule I perscription pills, etc. a.k.a. "chickenhead" "trick-ass-ho"
2. Any person, primarily male, that will stand on a city street corner, bus stop, wal mart parking lot, or discount store asking for money because they need to "get home", or some other incredibely similar story.
3. Any person who perform an act, or goes on a diatrade, that is non-sensical, or exceptionally lengthly, for no particular reason. A person that has uncontrollable body spasms, or "shakes" when it is not cold.
4. An unclean person. A person , while in a public place, seems strongly to have a preventable ammount of body odor, poor clothes, mismatched clothes, clothes that are out of place for the season/ climate, etc. A person who consistanly does not bathe, or seems clean or healthy.
5. Slang term for someone who takes recreational drugs to a non- recreational level.
1."If you're desparate, I can find you a crack-whore that will give you head for 20 dollars"
2."HEEEY man...I'm jus tryin' to get HOME! You FEEL me? I need gas. Help me please! I finna get you back. Swear I aint using the money for crack, (WHORE)".
3.See that crack whore on the corner shaking like its January?
4. a. "Look at that girl at the bus stop. You know shes sweating out that fix, torn ass long sleeve shirt in the middle of July, mismatched shoes, people staning 5 feet away. What a crack - ho crack - whore."
b. "crack - ho looking bitch"
5. "Man have you talked to your ex Jenni?"; "No, she is getting out of control with that dope. I tried to call a couple times but she has turned into a total crack whore."
adendum: similar phrases: crack- ho, crack- head, berry, chicken head, trick, rubber neck chicken head ho(haha!). end
by 202D January 31, 2007
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a crack head, who exchanges sexual favors to men or women to obtain her addiction to crack
i may be a whore, but i am NOT a crack whore.
by Brice(: December 23, 2009
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A whore, usually female who does crack or just looks like they do.
Damn that crackwhore just sucked my cock, let's pay the bitch 3 buck!
by Geo November 19, 2002
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