1) A woman who exchanges sexual favours for crack-cocaine
2) A woman who exchanges sexual favours for money that she gives to her pimp, who in return gives her crack-cocaine
I don't have enough crack for that crack whore.
by acephalous April 2, 2004
A woman who sells her body for the sole purpose of attaining crack to feed her addiction.
Yo dawg that Leigh-ann Ho is a straight up crack whore. She sucked my dick for coke!
by GaNgStALiFe420 May 14, 2008
A whore who provides services for crack-cocaine.
"I got a fat bag of crack, so i'm gonna find myself a crack whore."
by Pr0ph3t March 29, 2003
1.Someone who exchanges sexual favours
for crack/cocaine, heroin, meth, and certain prescribtion drugs.
2.someone who smokes crack and is whore, and pays for Crack through Prostitution.
by Jerad October 29, 2003
Name used to describe a filthy, gross or otherwise horribly defiled public restroom. A notoriously dirty workplace or office bathroom.
I'm headed to the crack whore. Send a search party if I'm not back in 20 minutes.
by Milsekr December 21, 2020