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Jamican slang term to prop something up or to rest or stay somewhere. The actual urban slang term comes from Jamaican patios and not French although that may be its original origin.
"Come we cotch here"
by Pietro February 09, 2005
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to hang/chill on your own or with other people
'wanna come and cotch at my house tonight blad?'
by BuffEnid February 03, 2005
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1. Noun: A place where one can recline

2. Adjective: Describing something as a cotch means it seems comfortable and capable of being cotched in.

3. Verb: To cotch. To recline, to relax or chill out in comfort.
1. There's a decent cotch round the corner, I discovered it myself.

2. Your double bed is quite a cotch.

3. I'm knackered man, let's cotch over there.
by Aidan Brooks June 01, 2005
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'do you wanna play some ball?'
'nah man i just wanna cotch'
by Mini Monty June 06, 2003
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Cotching is just sit in front of television, food prepration needs to be made with drinks and either watch a movie or play games on a console, at the same time have a laptop next to you so you can chat and a phone to speak on

"Oi Masoud you on a cotching tings"
"Bruv im bareee on cotchinn tomorrow"
by Olsmhuman March 15, 2010
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