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Lump of nose excrement with a nasal hair attached to it placed on the rim of a beer glass. (Irish)
see snot irish culture
Waiter, kindly replace this glass which has a findab on it or I'll tell all Dublin about the lack of hygene in this bar.
by Paddy June 11, 2004
"ive got Bag-o girls phone numbers"
by Paddy September 28, 2003
it means


in (mandarin) Chinese.

wo is I, ai is LOVE, ni is YOU
Wo ai ni. = I love you.
Ta shi wo ai ren. = She/He's my wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend.
by Paddy December 8, 2003
She had a real clowns pocket. It was like stirring a bucket of raw bacon.
by Paddy October 21, 2003