the art of sitting in your room all day doing activies such as looking on youtube, wanking, pissing in your sink and generaly wasting your life away, something that gary loves to do.
Daz : What are you doing gary?
Gary : Cotching.
Daz : Oh.
by Darryl Barkwill November 23, 2008
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The experience of discomfort endured when boxer shorts are too tight on the wearer and ride up to uncomfortable, and often painful areas.
Like a wedgie, but more of an effect on the scrotal area.
My boxer shorts are really cotching.
by Jinola June 23, 2011
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any action performed when you are utterly battered. usually finding an interesting place to sleep
man, look at dave cotching in the cupboard
by jaytabron November 10, 2007
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The action of getting zero points in 12 or 15 rounds of Counter-Strike.

A person cotching can be known as a "Cotch", "Elf" or "Blink"

They are also commonly know as being a "Slay0r"
LOL at Blink cotching on de_contra
by MrPorkey January 04, 2007
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