A strange breed that we dont know much about, from the 11 year old french guy on xbox that keeps saying "fucked your mum", to the hive of french people located in france. its best to stay on there good side or they might beat you up with a 2 week old stone hard baguette.
everyone quit down i hear the french
by daddy jim March 24, 2021
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What Canadians say when they mean French from France.
"Did you know Jay Baruchel speaks French?"
"French French or Canadian French?"
"Canadian French I think."
by antfred March 28, 2016
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the greatest language in the world to say f*ck you in many ways.
like:"nique ta mere,va te faire foutre,va te faire enculer,tu vas prendre cher,je te baise profond,je vais t'enculer si fort qu'on verra le jours a travers ta bouche..."
this is so french!
by founefoune March 20, 2011
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a language that, if spoken, will get you more pussy than you can imagine
Man: Tu me veux?
Woman: French! Oh, come here you stud.
by FATAL BAZOOOKA January 21, 2009
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When you speak French you are speaking "lovely" or the love language.
by Katie88888888 August 13, 2008
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A people who have the guts to disagree with Bush. Unlike most other Western European countries, they have never been at war with the USA, and have been actively allied with us in the Revolutionary War and World War I.

The battlefield of Europe: The French generally dislike war due to the fact that almost half of the battles of modern Europe were fought of French soil, and the French civilians have perished by it, on their land, for over two millenia.

The second country (America was the first) to have a major revolution which favored Democracy (it didn't work out all that well). They even gave us an enormous statue for that fact.
by El_Haggis September 11, 2006
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Someone who comes from France or of French descendant, or anything that has to do with with the country, its language, food and culture....

Most of the French people I've met are really nice and friendly people. But from that, they are also wild and crazy. That's because most of them are liberal, they don't really care much about what people say or do. See freedomAnd most of them smoke too. But I guess it would be fun to party with them.
Person #1: Oh My God! Did you just see that guy streaking out on the street with nothing on, holding a ciggarette in his hand just a minute ago?!!

Person #2: Yeah, he must be French.
by Lovin'it July 23, 2006
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