a guy who a lot of girls like. he normally dates sluts and whores but sometimes goes for sweet nice girls. he is awesome at football and has a great body. he doesnt make very good grades in school.. hes mega perverted and horny.... hes incredibly funny and cool. everybody loves cory
Cory is an amazing guy, but not the best boyfriend.
by kawrrl April 01, 2010
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The sweetest guy you could ever have. He loves his girl to bits. And is always willing to fuck her!
Girl:aww I have the best boyfriend ever
Cory:and I have the best girl friend ever!!!
by Olive it!! December 19, 2015
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Cory, he is sweet, funny and gentle. He has one of those smiles that will make you feel like your the happiest person in the world. He's not only caring but selfless, I love this boy with all my heart. He completely flips my world. He looks at me and makes me want a future I would have never wanted without him. I have to hold back tears because I'm so happy when he says, "I love you". He cries with me, laughs with me and at me. He is not a very open person, but he is completely open with me. I trust him and I know he trusts me. With him there is no judgement no difference in social status he's so honest and equal to everyone he meets. He puts everyone before himself, and wakes up just to make me smile. He's someone people can only dream of having. He is an amazing person with kids, animals and family. And I want every single one of those things with him. I love you Cory.
Cory is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.
by CoryLauren1423 May 20, 2018
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Gender both. Origin Germanic , Gods peace. Origin Gaelic, dweller in a hollow;spear. Origin English, Gods peace. Short for Corene or Cory
Cory, Cori, Corrie
by pumpkinhead3 February 03, 2010
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A friendly guy who will always be there for you no matter how much of a bitch you are.

Travels often with girls and plays video games.

He plays world of warcraft too.......watch out.
"That guy is a Cory, just look at the Horde t-shirt, big jeans, long hair, and wire-rimmed glasses. God, look at all those girls around him too....So Cory."
by Koralyrem April 10, 2008
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a really awesome guy that has a real weakness for brunette italian girls
check out that brunette girl, i think shes italian. damm!! cory got her!!
by hott&dangerous August 11, 2011
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