20 definitions by Thatgrill

Told you I was gonna do this, bud...

He cool, but never swears around you. He likes Fortnite and Jake Paul.
Has two friends and is literally never home. And two grades below you even though he one year younger.

But he cool so never let him go
Yo Cory I warned you..
But you cool
by Thatgrill October 12, 2018
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Brianna loves anime, and drawing. Don't touch her iPad, however...
She has short hair and likes it when you give her food.

She loves reading fan fiction and is very funny. If you get a Brianna don't let her go.

Also slushies for days of you make her a story and give her Sour Cream and Onion chips!
Wow! Two slushies just for giving her a bag of chips!! Thanks Brianna.
by Thatgrill October 12, 2018
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An animater on youtube. She is a small youtuber who enjoys what she does. (She is also me, lol)
Hey, you watch that animater named, Mello Galexee?
by Thatgrill March 16, 2019
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Michael is a lovely and smart guy even though he doubts himself.

He says he is stupid, but in reality he is very smart.

He has dark brown hair and glasses. He has a lisp, too.

He has hazel eyes.
He will always be there for you too
Wow!!! That's Michael?!?! He is the one who asked me out??
by Thatgrill April 24, 2019
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He likes anime, but hides it. He is strong and does boxing, misunderstood at school, has a skinny like body, but proudly says how he is 195 pounds.
Wow! What a Loki! He is super cool.
by Thatgrill December 24, 2018
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Misty is a sassy but sweet girl. She has family problems going on, but she hides them and shows her good side. She might lash out sometimes but all in all you can talk to her and have a good time.

She's not fully predictable, which is good about her. She hangs out with her friends a lot and never truly is alone. People misunderstand her at school, but once you meet one, never let her go. She truly needs you in the end.
Guy: I'm dating Misty!
Guy 2: No way! That's awesome.
Guy 1: Yeah... She's the literal best :)
by Thatgrill October 13, 2018
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