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An intelligent and beautiful girl who feels insecure about what the world may think of her. She tries her hardest not to make mistakes and is a good, well- rounded person. Her grades are excellent and sometimes dedication to her studies makes her seem as less sociable and unusual even though she tries hard to make friends and have fun. She is curious and has a deep heart, and waits for the right guy to come around so that she could have a long lasting and real relationship with him. Although they may not seem like it at first, Alexia's are trustworthy, loyal, intellectual, and beautiful people that will amaze you once you get to know them more. You are lucky if you are close friends with an Alexia because they are people who you can turn to and laugh with whenever you need them and are very dedicated to anything they want to achieve.
I want a girlfriend who is pretty, loyal, and smart like Alexia!
by Crystalizer101 January 11, 2017
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She's powerful and don't let anything or anyone gets in her way. There is alot of good things coming her way.Always stays on task and accomplish every goal that she needs to achieve.Don't let anyone bring you down always hold yourself up. Remember that no one couldn't break you if they tried. Stay strong and positive so that you can guide your way to the path that you want to walk on.
Alexia is the simple way and to Let yourself guide your way through life.
by Alexia June 05, 2015
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Alexia is sometimes very small but there is alot about her she is amazing in every way she is Beautiful inside and out she is very sweet and shy at first but once you get to know her she is an amazing friend she is very curious and can be very outgoing she loves adventure and will always stay faithful in a relationship she never likes to see anyone sad or she never likes to lose a friend because she loves her friends very much.

she sometimes has trust issues but once you really get to know her will you learn alot about her and will never want to lose her she never likes to be mean because she is a very sweet and loving girl she is mostly happy all the time and sometimes very weird but thats the great thing about her because she has many amazing things about her. She is very Beautiful and you will always love the little things about her. she always deserves second chances because she will try her best to not do the mistakes she did before she is amazing she also has a smile and laugh that can brighten anybodys day up she tries to get along with everybody and once she does she is loved by many you will be lucky to know an alexia.
Alexia beautiful
by AMBA March 28, 2013
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The definition of beautiful and love. Alexia is someone that is very smart, funny, and is always there for you. Alexia is also the definition of a Meme Goddess, which means she always has a meme that is hilaroius and will trade you memes any day. Alexia is also a synonym for love and affection. This could also mean a curse because when you fall in love with her then there is no turning back... but hey who said that was a bad thing ;)
Peter: Wow she is bad ass and hot
Troy: Yeah she's cool
Peter: She is an Alexia

Troy: Wait isn't that her name
Peter: Oh right (LOVE YOU) !!!!
by Jamal the Hall April 28, 2018
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A girl who is very funny, beautiful , and talented. Gets along with everyone even if they're mean to her. Loves her family and is never sad. Be careful she's a SAVAGE too!
Wow shes so funny her name has to be Alexia!
via giphy
by October 04, 2017
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Alexia is very funny girl, She hangs around with boys a lot and a lot of boys start to fall for her quickly she’s different than most girls. She’s very attractive too and she may even be a model !
Boy 1: who is she
Boy 2 : ain’t gonna clue
Boy 3 : That’s the new girl Alexia she’s actually really pretty I know it’s random but let’s go say hi.
Boy 1 and 2 : Let’s go
by DefinitelyAhUmAn March 17, 2019
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