Another way of saying 'Penis' often used by children to avoid the belt, or sometimes get the belt.
Child: "Hehe, PP!"
Other Child: "Hehe, you said PP!"
Mom: *belt*
by Okay so basically- April 13, 2019
Means profile picture or penis, it is also an extremely funny word.
Example 1:
"Hey, look at this pp."
"Ew, what the hell dude, that's fucking gay."

Example 2:
"Hey, guess what."
*laughing hysterically*
by Lintboiii February 10, 2019
The main character from Wonder Egg Priority also known as Ai Ohto. She is an adorable little creature that allows anyone to fall in love with her so easily that it's no wonder why she's a fan favourite. But calling her PP is just as adorable!

FYI She isn't gay, stop tryna make her gay there is LITERALLY a character MADE to be like that called Momoe Sawaki. So leave PP alone B(
Girl: "Ayo bro who's thighs are you looking at!?"
by PP Enjoyer September 21, 2021