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Intelligence agency term for "psychological operation". A government or corporate-sponsored operation, usually taking the form of a "terrorist attack" or "crazed gunman on a spree", with the intent of panicking the public into demanding more police and laws inhibiting freedom. Psyops are usually carried out by drugging a civilian or group of civilians with aggression-promoting drugs, psyching them up, arming them, and sending them out to commit mayhem. Government-sponsored terrorism. See also blackshirts, conspiracy
Person A: Man, that nutcase Martin Bryant guy shot 35 people in Tasmania!

Person B: No, he wasn't a nutcase, that was just a psyop so the government could have an excuse to ban guns.
by Mystikan April 11, 2006
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Another way of saying 'Penis' often used by children to avoid the belt, or sometimes get the belt.
Child: "Hehe, PP!"
Other Child: "Hehe, you said PP!"
Mom: *belt*
by Okay so basically- April 13, 2019
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a pp has a very complex meaning to any child, for those who are simple minded the pp is just a body part, however those who have truly experienced tranquility will understand the true pp and the true meaning of why pp hard.
via giphy
by Spoopy Chicken October 03, 2018
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male's genitals, if you're a male look between your legs and the dangly looking thing there is called "PP"
"you have small PP"
by chinchin99cm January 27, 2020
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Used as slang for penis, also can be used for some loser’s initials so his friends can make fun of him.
Pelvis Pinocchio: hi my name is Pelvis Pinocchio
Person: ...PP?
Pelvis Pinocchio: What?
Person: You’re PP!
Pelvis Pinocchio: I have a pp!
Person: oh nice
by skrt skrrrrrrt December 09, 2018
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