a beautiful girl who is quite shy until you get to know her. she is down to earth. she is the type of person who can make you laugh. no one is quite like cory. she is different from most girls. cory is the type of person you wanna be around. she is sweet, kind, cute and a lovely friend.
by sweggggyyyy June 08, 2014
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1. (n) Generic name for an asshole that shows up unannounced at your house and runs off any decent folk in cyclical patterns with an ever increasing level of speed and douchery.

2. (n) A Tyler County shitbag.
That fucking Cory showed up last night and started changing Murphy's laws to fit his conversation. That Cory is the reason we have gravity ya know.... What a shitbag.
by Bo Blam November 07, 2019
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A gay ass man that do not like bobs or veganas.
Also he has a crush on every Swedish man with the name Adrian.
Thot: Do you want want to see my bob?
Cory: Nah fam, man don't like that, man only like PP.
by Stenros01 March 22, 2020
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a guy that will literally make your heart melt. the kind of guy that knows how to make you laugh. even though he can be cold sometimes, you can't seem to stop loving him. it feels like you're connected to him. his smile, laugh & bootiful face r like the most cutest thing ever. that's all you want but a girl can dream...
friend: you've been staring at that guy for a while.. it's getting weird

friend: what's his name?

me: cory. duh.
by none of your business hun July 04, 2019
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Adjective: Having the qualities of a manwhore. Uses women for own personal needs (sexual desires). Tells women that he loves them but actually just wants in their pants.

Also, very egotistical. Thinks he is "God's gift to women," when in all actuality, he isn't.
"Jim is such a cory... He totally used Alexia for sex."
by Menarepigs86 July 03, 2006
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Told you I was gonna do this, bud...

He cool, but never swears around you. He likes Fortnite and Jake Paul.
Has two friends and is literally never home. And two grades below you even though he one year younger.

But he cool so never let him go
Yo Cory I warned you..
But you cool
via giphy
by Thatgrill October 12, 2018
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also "the corys"

Refers to Cory Haim & Cory Feldmen, 2 actors from the 80's who developped drug habits. Feldmen got off drugs and is now a "C List" celebrity who is stuck doing lame movies like "Bordello of Blood." Haim's career is in the toilet.
The Corys starred in such classics as "The Lost Boys" (great movie!) and "License to Drive" (awful movie!).
by Bozz Hawg March 26, 2004
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