a man with a crooked penis (90 degree angle)
this guy cory floped out his penis and it looked like an 90 degree angle.
by tunerz November 06, 2006
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A man that has the mental capacity of a squirrel and LOVES French maid costumes. Ladies throw up in the presence of his irresistible charm.

His likes include-
Correcting others' grammar (in particular, proper use of the word "well") ; long walks on the beach; making breakfast

His dislikes include-
Yawning; bland people; seaweed
Hey bro, have you met that Cory dude? Let me tell you I would churn butter for that lad.
by Barneythedinosaur365 July 20, 2015
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A man who's in love with his costar but won't come out of Narnia just yet.
Oh man, did you see Cory eyefuck Chris?

Yeah! And Chris totally liked it. They're lovers I tell you!
by Mad Mad Mad Madam Monfer January 20, 2011
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cory is a awesome motherfucker and hes the best person around. hes great at doing youtube videos and hates school like a pack of sardines.
by BIGSHAQTHETING February 08, 2018
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Cory is a boy. He is manipulative and inconsiderate. Cory will use you to his advantage and for the sole purpose of elevating his social status and adding you to the list of girls he has gotten with. Once he has used and disposed of you, do not expect an apology. Try to avoid becoming involved with one in the first place.
Cory cheated on me.
by imstillsalty June 29, 2016
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a dude who can suck some cock
My bro just got a sweet, sweet BJ from an attractive stranger last night..

Sounds like he found a real Cory!!
by sunshinedawn June 01, 2019
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