(noun) slang for female genetalia
May have originated from a plough coulter which is a blade on a plough that helps to cut the furrows neater. The raised rows mimicking the vulva and the deep furrow mimicking the slit/opening.
My cooter has been itchy today.
by shirekeeper February 06, 2017
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Most commonly associated with the friendly greese monkey character from the Dukes of Hazard. Now a slang term referring to the female sex organ. See also snatch pussy vagina
Did you lick her cooter?
by Anonymous February 07, 2003
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Cooter: N the holiest of holies, the place all men aspire to be. Often paired with large, flappy labia known as "Beef Curtains." The appearance of the Cooter is usually heralded by the distinct reek of low tide.
Lauren's cooter smelled like an octopus and resembled a bearded axe wound.
by Baby Jesus March 16, 2005
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Betsy enjoyed having her cooter tickled and nibbled before sex.
by John Raymond February 10, 2004
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