A group of corrupt companies such as the Trade Federation, Banking Clan, and Techno Union led by Count Dooku to destroy the Republic and create a corporate tyranny. Aside from their leader, they were oblivious to the fact that they were simply pawns used by Palpatine in order to create an enemy for the Republic he ran so he could attain dictatoral powers in the name of security.
Those freaks in charge of the confederacy just wiped out a whole planet of Gungans with their Battle Droid Army.
by Sifo-Dyas November 21, 2003
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Unlike morons would lead you to believe, a confederacy has nothing to do with slavery. A Federal Government has a strong central government with weaker state governments. A Confederate Government has a weak central government with larger state governments.
Student: If anyone ever supports a confederacy, in any situation, they hate black people and feel that white people are dominant.

Public School Teacher: That's correct!

A Person with Common Sense: No the fuck it's not.
by Shazayum February 2, 2010
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OK, let's clear up some myths:
1. Slavery. The conventional un-wisdom says that had the Confederacy not been defeated, slavery would still be around. Nothing could have less truth value. The modernization of farming that occurred in the late 19th century ensured that slavery would have simply become obsolete had it not been outlawed.
2. The right to secede. Yes, it's legal for a state to leave the Union. While the Founding Fathers intended for the US to have a reasonably strong central government, they also believed that there was a point where the state governments could act if they felt that that federal government had gotten TOO powerful. The Confederacy was doing just that. Look at history, and you'll find that "Honest Abe" had some BIG plans for the government.
3. Civil Liberties. In times gone past, when the US fought wars, the government saw no need to silence critics. As for how this pertains to the current War on Terror, I'm not quite sure. Now I do believe there are some things you just can't do, like exposing government plans. Expressing your opinion is good enough.
4. Lincoln's views on race. Contrary to the myths, Lincoln was not the heroic "Great Emancipator." His opposition to slavery was based purely on political convenience. He did not intend for the freed slaves to stay, but for them to be deported to some place where they couldn't bother whites.
Me: I support the Confederacy
Idiot: You racist!
Me: Oh yeah? Why don't you do some research before opening your mouth.
Idiot: Because it's too inconvenient!
by Anonymous debunker of myths March 20, 2009
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A union of persons, parties, or states; a league.
The persons, parties, or states joined in such a union.
Confederacy The Confederate States of America.
A group of people who have united for unlawful practices; a conspiracy.
"Mommy I wanna join team confederacy!"
by unknown September 6, 2003
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The Iron Confederacy or Iron Confederation (also known as Cree-Assiniboine in English or Nehiyaw-Pwat in Cree) was a political and military alliance of Plains Indians of what is now Western Canada and the northern United States. This confederacy included various individual bands that formed political, hunting, and military alliances in defense against common enemies.1 The ethnic groups that made up the Confederacy were the branches of the Cree that moved onto the Great Plains around 1740 (the southern half of this movement eventually became the "Plains Cree" and the northern half the "Woods Cree"), the Saulteaux (Plains Ojibwa), the Nakoda or Stoney people also called Pwat or Assiniboine,2 and the Métis and Haudenosaunee (who had come west with the fur trade). The Confederacy rose to predominance on the northern Plains during the height of the North American fur trade when they operated as middlemen controlling the flow of European goods, particularly guns and ammunition, to other Indigenous nations (the "Indian Trade"), The Blackfoot secrets are now declassified But Only the Holy Okie knows the stories of Benjamin Franklin Buck his Grandfather as told to him by his Mother Mary Mae Buck.
1972 Bob was age 9 Mary was 67
Christ Bob: Mammaw who is your Godfather?
Mary Mae: My Godfather is Frank Buck a full Blackfoot Indian who walked the trail of tears. He knew legalese and spoke the white man's language and secured guns and ammo for the plains tribes. He had to work secretly because trading with the savages was frowned upon by the whites and he was considered a traitor by the white settlers. He walked armed with only the swords of his mouth, a Bible, and an old Stradivarius violin. He was Black as coal and I am white so it looked suspicious after my mother was gone. I am their only child. I married your grandfather Sam A. McKinney when I was 15 years old and we raised three boys and three girls to adults. A 7th child died at 6 weeks named Sandra Kay whose name and spirit were given to your Sister. The Iron confederacy is not classified anymore. The family members whose lives were endangered if they were exposed have moved to the Blackberry Plantation and begin their afterlives. A Native secret is a forbidden topic and punished much more harshly than in white man's statutory law. Certain People have to pass into the spirit world before native secrets are declassified.

Secret Family history is stored in the spirits of Blackberry pickers living all around the world.

Someday you will also be declassified and many spirits will speak through you if you are patient and trustworthy.

Christ Bob: The secrets are safe with me. I love you Mammaw.
by Spiritual-Master February 6, 2022
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An Openly Homosexual Gaming clan, Canadian based. Named after a Homosexual Sex Act.
We just beat the Shotgun Confederacy at Call of Duty.

Ya, but how hard is it to beat a bunch of Canadian Homosexuals?
by Monster Joff February 26, 2010
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Any organized group of people who generally make a practice of lying.
" They didn't want the truth to come out, they are a confederacy of liars."
by MIL March 1, 2006
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