Lincoln is a sweet, romantic, hot guy that will do anything to make you laugh. He may seem stupid on the outside but on the inside he is actually smart. He likes video games, and he is good at them. He likes sports too and is very athletic. Night or day, he will be nice to you. He will comfort you, and do everything he can to make people happy and laughing. If you know a Lincoln,(ladies) then I would hang on to him. He is guy that has many friends, and always can get a girl.
Girl: OMG!!! There's Lincoln! He's so hot!!!!
Girl2:I know right? I should date him!
by TacoTrucker41 April 18, 2017
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A Lincoln is an amazing guy. He is a very sweet and handsome person. On the outside he may sound or act goofy but on the inside, he’s really smart and kind. He makes your world better with funny references and he’ll listen to you if you just want to rant about something. If any lady can find themselves a Lincoln, they’re gonna be the luckiest lady alive
Girl #1: did you hear about that new kid Lincoln?
Girl #2: yeah! I heard he’s really sweet
by Trashbin Bois October 17, 2019
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A guy you will fall in love with he may be mean sometimes but on the in side he is a wonderful person. Lincoln loves to play videogames but he may rage a lot while playing them. He is a wonderful friend and will keep your secrets safe.
Look at Lincoln he just got a win. Lincoln gets all the ladies
by sexychicken10101 March 21, 2019
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The coolest person alive, if you ever see him you'll explode. He also has more friends than chuck norris.
Your walking down the street and you explode because the person (obviously a lincoln) walking next to you is so awesome.
by PA††Y November 24, 2011
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A word to describe the sexiest man you've ever met, who is usually, very smart, handsome and good and sports and video games (ie, StarCraft)
OMG Jacob IS SOOOOOO Lincoln

i wish my guy were a Lincoln
by Daniolio March 22, 2011
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