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A group of corrupt companies such as the Trade Federation, Banking Clan, and Techno Union led by Count Dooku to destroy the Republic and create a corporate tyranny. Aside from their leader, they were oblivious to the fact that they were simply pawns used by Palpatine in order to create an enemy for the Republic he ran so he could attain dictatoral powers in the name of security.
Those freaks in charge of the confederacy just wiped out a whole planet of Gungans with their Battle Droid Army.
by Sifo-Dyas November 20, 2003

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a multi-limbed cyborg alien who can use 4 lightsbaers at once, likes to watch and read star wars, plays dance dance revolution, and dislikes spoilers.
dont tell general grievous a spoiler or he'll slice you in 4 with his lightsabers
by Sifo-Dyas April 03, 2004

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1. atoms

2. creatures, especially red dragons and/or one-eyed monsters

3. a type of killer robot
miss krailey, why did they change atomos to atoms?
by Sifo-Dyas April 03, 2004

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