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OK, let's clear up some myths:
1. Slavery. The conventional un-wisdom says that had the Confederacy not been defeated, slavery would still be around. Nothing could have less truth value. The modernization of farming that occurred in the late 19th century ensured that slavery would have simply become obsolete had it not been outlawed.
2. The right to secede. Yes, it's legal for a state to leave the Union. While the Founding Fathers intended for the US to have a reasonably strong central government, they also believed that there was a point where the state governments could act if they felt that that federal government had gotten TOO powerful. The Confederacy was doing just that. Look at history, and you'll find that "Honest Abe" had some BIG plans for the government.
3. Civil Liberties. In times gone past, when the US fought wars, the government saw no need to silence critics. As for how this pertains to the current War on Terror, I'm not quite sure. Now I do believe there are some things you just can't do, like exposing government plans. Expressing your opinion is good enough.
4. Lincoln's views on race. Contrary to the myths, Lincoln was not the heroic "Great Emancipator." His opposition to slavery was based purely on political convenience. He did not intend for the freed slaves to stay, but for them to be deported to some place where they couldn't bother whites.
Me: I support the Confederacy
Idiot: You racist!
Me: Oh yeah? Why don't you do some research before opening your mouth.
Idiot: Because it's too inconvenient!
by Anonymous debunker of myths March 19, 2009
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The "Year Without a Summer," in which a massive volcanic eruption in Indonesia injected a huge amount of smoke and ash into the atmosphere, creating a layer that blocked out sunlight and lowered temperatures worldwide.
Now here's my point: the conditions were JUST like those predicted in a "nuclear winter." And yet we're still here. The fact that we survived the "Year Without a Summer" disproves the idea that a nuclear winter would be the humanity-killing event the alarmists say it will.
Me: Uh, excuse me, but didn't a volcano erupt in 1816 and produce nuclear winter-like conditions?
Crazy Guy: Uh, yes.
Me: And mankind is still here to remember it, right?
Crazy Guy: Yes again.
Me: OK, so what makes you think a nuclear winter will be any different?
by Anonymous debunker of myths February 17, 2009
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The use of improvisational means to obtain sexual gratification in the absence of a partner.

Because the word "masturbation" sounds kind of boring, people have come up with an absurd amount of euphemisms for what is essentially sex without a partner.
I tried to look up "masturbation" on UD, but the constant use of euphemisms and the lack of a real definition drove me crazy.
by Anonymous debunker of myths October 16, 2009
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An emotional and spiritual relationship between a couple that does not involve sexual desire. A working platonic relationship is mighty rare these days.
Platonic love is wonderful. Unfortunately, today's sex-crazed culture has driven it to near extinction.
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A bullshit scenario concocted during the Cold War to scare the US into giving in to the Soviets.
It goes like this: the fires produced by the nuclear bombing of targets would inject large amounts of smoke into the atmosphere. The smoke would coalesce into a layer that would block sunlight from reaching Earth's surface. A massive drop in temperatures would result. Here's where the scare tactics kick in: the lack of sunlight would deprive plants of vital energy, causing an extinction event.
This sob story was busted in a 1986 paper called "Nuclear Winter Reappraised." However, the paper was ignored, and fear of nuclear winter continues to subsist.
The people who came up with "nuclear winter" were not objective scientists but partisan agitators. Their goal was to see the U.S. back down from the Cold War. The most prominent scientist, Carl Sagan, was an enthusiastic proponent of nuclear disarmenent.
by Anonymous debunker of myths February 15, 2009
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An embarrassment to conservative Christians everywhere.
Robertson is constantly firing off inflammatory statements, overdramatizing revelant issues and making up others. His abrasive attitude towards sinners drives further away from Christ and further towards damnation. Plus, he advocates a twisted theology that tells Christians they should take over the world and oppress nonbelievers. Jesus never advocated that.
The worst part of Robertson's teachings is the way the secular Left uses them to present a carictured pictured of evangelicals. The American people are scared into hating evangelicalism and supporting secularism, and the Left maintains its stranglehold on American culture.
Who are you?
I'm an evangelical.
So that means you're like Pat Robertson?
by Anonymous debunker of myths January 20, 2009
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A common term in otaku fandom, a yandere is a person (usually female) romantically obsessed with someone to the point of using violent means to get them in their arms. Often seen with a sharp weapon and a psychotic grin.
Hey look, Charlotte just killed Karen just for coming within 10 feet of her crush Joey.
Must be a yandere. Avoid at all cost.
by Anonymous debunker of myths September 06, 2009
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