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A person born with a mental condition and therefore has to work a million times harder to be able to do simple things (such as learn and communicate) that we take for granted. On top of this, a retard will usually suffer a lot of ridicule from society because people fear what they do not understand. The people who choose to make fun of the mental retarded tend to be complete morons and cannot comprehend that these people have feelings and emotions just like anyone else.
I find it amusing that saying somebody has cancer would not be taken as a joke and yet, using another disease such as mental retarded as an insult is common among society, and many do not realize that it is very offensive and that there is something seriously wrong about it.
by unknown June 29, 2003

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another word for a homosexual
you fucking poofter!
by UnKnown February 13, 2003

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to touch another's private areas (tits, dick, pussy ect.)
man i got to 2nd base with her
by unknown April 03, 2004

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An annual spring event at Radford University involving free live bands and food where students (and some faculty) begin drinking at 12pm on thursday, drink straight through the weekend, and stop drinking at 8am monday. Some years they even have to bring in the National Guard to control the drunken insanity.
"it's 10am on a friday and you're drunk already?!?"
by unknown April 16, 2005

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Fuck --- Meaning fuck but in a way where u cant get in trubble 4 sayin it
FACK!! this test is hard
by Unknown January 20, 2003

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A girl that is too young, not neccasarily 16, but will get u about 20 years in jail if u mess around with her.
by unknown July 19, 2003

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oral sex, usally closely followed by intercourse
i got to 3rd base with your girl last night
by unknown April 03, 2004

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