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1) a pastry of sorts, made of almonds, sugar, flour, and sometimes topped with cocoa powder. Doubles up as a sponge, kinda chewy, and leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
2) A hippie girl, girlfriend of Homestarrunner, who plays a guitar but plays it wrong, eats tofu and nothing except, and looks like some sorta baseball bat smashed through the top end of a huge purple bell.
Marzipan: Put that freakin' sandwich down!
by unknown November 19, 2003
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a standardized test in Mass that you need to pass to graduate, may be recognized with the feeling of being so bored you want to stick your #2 pencils in your nostrils and pretend to be a walrus
B:....I have the mcas tomorrow
A: Hmmmm... i see your piont
by unknown April 6, 2005
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aarrgh. stupid sun always shining on ME when it's my day. Can't i shine on the other three quart of the day when i sleep?
by unknown April 6, 2003
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(N.) Another bitch term from bitch-bey itch-bey, Mike Slampak aka pimp. Apparently, it REALLY is something a British patient says after having extensive Dental Work.
Dr. Proctor: "So where does it 'urt at, gov'na?" Mr. Bean: "Ey in Metooha, ya blinking Wanker wannabe four side eyed bugger."
The giddy lil' West Virginia ho responded to being a porn movie "fluffer" by saying "MeToofa!"
by unknown November 27, 2003
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A country word people in Texas call the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
He lives on the other side of the Metroplex.
There are too many people in the Metroplex.
by unknown October 8, 2004
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Miharu Hirano is a schoolmate of Ling Xiaoyu from the Tekken series, she isn't as good a character than Xiaoyu is but her hairstyle makes up for it. She goes to the same school as Xiaoyu and seems to foul up at exams so easliy.
Miharu Hirano has just turned up from the exam room and told Xiaoyu she flunked all of em.
by unknown January 19, 2005
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an extraordinarily attractive female, whom you are in aquantance with. Similar to a fox.
by unknown December 12, 2002
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