Honest Abe is a term used to announce that you are about to, or are in the process of releasing a silent but deadly fart.
While driving home Mark yelled out "Honest Abe" allowing me ample time to roll down my window. He really is a stand up guy.
by Big Trash January 22, 2013
When your having anal with a girl and you have to ejaculate so you follow the step:
1) spit on her back
2) then she turns around
3) you ejaculate in her eye
Johnny-Yo did u tap that?
Tim-Yea I did the Honest Abe on her
Johnny- Oh yea
by The boss tycoon March 19, 2010
Honest abe likes to eat the wet, fresh, and pink pussy, usually through 69.
I honest abed with my girlfriend last night. Boy did that pink taco taste good.
by brentgar March 24, 2013
While having sex, you blurt out the name of someone else you want to have sex with more than the current person you are engaged with.
"While having sex with my girlfriend last night, I honest abed and yelled out my ex's name."
by The Friendship Ninja October 25, 2011
When you wake up during a wet dream before you orgasm, and you have to go and "Top" yourself off.
Darrick had an Honest Abe after his dream of Megan
by Eric, Travis, and Derek February 23, 2005
To ejaculate on ones chin, while displaying a stove pipe hate.
I gave her the ol' Honest Abe last night!
by ComptonAssNicole April 6, 2006
Before receiving head, you shave your pubs and keep them close by, (preferably a night stand or in hand) then when your done getting dome you bust all around her mouth and sprinke the pubs on her face. This will create the appearance of a luxurious beard, much like that of Abraham Lincoln.

I picked up some dirty skank and gave her the honest abe. She pepper sprayed me immediately after
by Big Billa December 12, 2006