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Variant of Commie.

1.) A slang/derogatory name for a member or advocate of the Communist party or movement.

2.) A name, used by some incorrectly but purposely, to label and attack any person who is supporting politically leftist or liberal causes. Often creating a strawman situation.
Joseph McCarthy wanted to confront and eliminate the perceived 'Commi' threat of the 1950's with radical action.

An aggressive conservative might label liberal candidates favoring some socialist causes, such as universal health care, as 'commis' with the intention to paint them negatively.
by Fruf April 23, 2008
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short for communist. A type of government where the leaders try to own everybody and give the people just enough to live if that. see china, shit
War vet: i hate those fuckin' commis ther nuttin but crazy fucks
Commi: fo chi red guard!!
war vet:(bang!)
by TwitChy November 13, 2003
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-Short for Communist

-Also an offensive term used by Americans to call Russians during the Cold War
"He's straight out of Moscow, that damn Commi.
by Justin Lewis21 December 03, 2017
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A shortened version of the word communist used as an insult for someone controlling
Katy my girlfriend is a control freak. She is a total commi
by Me=word plug June 11, 2018
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any 1 that fucks with america, americas enemys, aka muslim terrorist muslim
darious: those fuckin commis killed that kid

tom: im gonna givin to those bithces!


darious tom:(bang bang pop)
by tom beotch! November 28, 2006
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