A sex act in which the male partner leans over a bed or other object and spreads his legs and the female uses a "Sharpie"-type marker to draw on the underside of his testicles. The most traditional method involves drawing "smiley faces" on both testicles or a "smiley face" on one and a "frowny face" on the other. Usually the act of drawing creates a tickly sensation that gives the male an orgasm; if this does not occur, the female may penetrate the man anally with a small bottle of lotion or conditioner or something similar. It is customary to "finish up" into a towel.
Dude, did you hear Tina gave Ray a commodore? Hella kinky!
by Teodor Orezscu September 26, 2008
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A popular home computer company, most remembered for the world's best selling home computer, the Commodore 64. It was founded in 1955 by Jack Tramiel in Toronto, Canada, as a typewriter repair company.

Due to mismanagement after the departure of Tramiel, Commodore Business Machines filed for bankruptcy in what was a long, drawn out, sordid affair and battle for the rights to their Amiga technology.
"I adore my 64, my Commodore 64!"
by Joe Cassara April 23, 2003
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A car released by Holden, a sub company of the Intergalactic GM Empire.

This model car has questionable integrity, safety and security systems.
People are often reffered to as 'Commodore' drivers as an insult, similar to the way that Volvo drivers are.

Another popular name for these cars are 'Commonwhore', symbolic as they are very common and f**k you over.
(After seeing someone run into the gutter or tailgating someone else) "Oh look, a Commodore driver!"
by raven July 2, 2004
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A number 1 selling family car with the engine technology that is so out dated, i dont know why we still have it.

The car is so 'heavy' that HSV can't understand why the car slides into the barriers under hard braking down at the track. Twin Turbos were banned due to the fact that the 5l v8 could not keep up with it.

People who drive them think their number 1 with their bodykits and aftermarket accessories, terrible sounding exahuse, subdoofers and highbeams and fog lamps swiched on at 12 o'clock midday.

A HSV runs a 400m time of 14.3secs and a 2.6L Twin Turbo import can run it at 12.8secs ...hmmmm...yes...so wats so good about the 6L v8???

Oh yeah number 1 aussie car...HA! GM is an American company. the VLs probley the only 1 with a good engine, which is made Japan.

Commodores SUCK!
DOOF DOOF DOOF!!! here we go again, a group of loosers pulling up in da sic commodore bro

Do a burn out!!! oh sic mate!
by Commodores Suck August 14, 2006
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A mistake in mass production from Australia's General Motor's branch; Holden, for the previous 24 years.

All automobiles sporting the "Commodore" badge are;

- Poor in both quality and design.

- Over priced, and over rated.

- Over marketed.

- Extremely Basic.

- Cosmetically and mechanically appauling.

- Not worth pissing on.
"Dude, my $12k Japanese 2 litre turbo just destroyed your $70k 6 litre Commondore, how do you feel about that???"

"I have no originality. I also drive a Commodore."

"I have a small penis, i try to compinsate with my 6 litre V8 Commodore"

"I think I drive a sports car because I drive a 2 door Commodore"

"I spent as much money as my new luxury version Commondore as a new Luxury Mercedee's, because bogans will think I'm cool if i drive a Commodore."

"Commondore is to Bogan as water is to ocean."

by Glenjo June 25, 2006
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Have you seen Mattah's Commodore??? It would be so much better if it was on fire.
by Dexter_13BT May 5, 2006
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