McCarthy Is A Irish Surname Meaning Loving It Was First Found In County Cork That's In Ireland And The Coat Of Arms

Is A Red Reindeer
McCarthy Is A Beautiful Name
by this girl on tonya 98 May 8, 2010
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When your sexual partner accidentally poops in your hand while he/she is peeing
Adam did a McCarthy to me after getting fucked by a micro penis.
by slamcastle April 7, 2018
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most McCarthy's happen to be born in the south hemisphere in a place called England they normal invite small children round to there place for a "cuppa" when in reality they with just want to touch them a fair warning is to never interact with a McCarthy stay safe out there
person 1: yo did you here what McCarthy did proper wrong that

person 2: yea there all the same
by jimmysavilesnan May 19, 2022
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That McCarthy over there sure is a real ass-kicker. He was a McCarthy.
by APbL3 D$CE August 9, 2008
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"man i really pulled a McCarthy on that test"
by M. Price December 29, 2005
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Two United States Senators with very different backgrounds and accomplishments:

1) Joseph McCarthy. Vilified by liberals since the 1950's for his investigations into Communist infiltration of the U.S. government, but was later vindicated when the Russian government released secret KGB documents after the Soviet Union collapsed. "McCarthyism" is named after him.

2) Eugene McCarthy. Ran for the Democratic Party's Presidential nomination in 1968 and opposed the war in Vietnam.
"I'm giving you an 'F' on your paper on Senator McCarthy."

"But, professor, I worked really hard on it!"

"Yes, I know, but you wrote about the wrong one."
by Gahmuret January 21, 2007
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Cool and chill name and plays fortnite
Wow McCarthy is so good
Yo what's up McCarthy
by McCarthy bros October 20, 2020
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