When a woman wearing a skirt or dress sits with her legs spread and gives people a view of what is underneath.
Anne was sitting in a gathering area on campus and didn't realize her legs were spread while she was wearing a skirt. She beaved several people on campus.
by New English March 29, 2009
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Beav, an term used in the neighborhood of Garfield in the city of Pittsburgh, PA. It is usually used by people who grew up in that specific neighborhood and it is used in sentences by Garfield natives.
“Man beav, shorty a smut.”
Beav, bro got me fucked up
“Say beav you got that stimulus?”
by Extension Cord September 28, 2020
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Term used to describe someone who says or does something they shouldn't to a person they are chatting up (something that sounds a bit pathetic or shameful - in a non romantic way, just bad flirting)
Mate, you can't double text her, you will look like a right beav!
by YouHaventHeard? March 4, 2012
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(Verb)-To bounce on a couch, with your legs crossed, arms up, and flailing your arms
by Beaven September 29, 2013
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The act of thinking you are cool for doing something that is actually really easy to do
by Beav kills September 30, 2013
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An act of feminism in which young women grow out their pubic hair, work up a crotch sweat, and proceed to grind a male's face.

Often used by sororities as a form of ritual and empowerment.
"Dude, are you coming to our mixer with TPA?"
"Nah bro, I'm still pulling the hair out of my teeth from the last time I got beaved"

"Is it considered cheating if my girlfriend is beaving other dudes?"
by Michael Faps April 23, 2013
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The flashing or accidental showing of one's vagina.
Hey man that massagy girl totally just beaved you and you weren't even looking.
by kdawgee August 31, 2010
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