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a gay, pedophilic, coke-snorting US Senator from Wisconsin who ruined the lives of countless numbers of Americans in his paranoid witch-hunt against alleged Communists and who severely damaged the American political system until he was brought down. Inexplicably, right wing authors like Ann Coulter are trying to rehabilitate his reputation
Joseph McCarthy played upon people's fears of communism to advance his own political career and in the process corrupted American democracy
by Rattus cattus July 5, 2006
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(1) U.S. Senator and patriot.

(2) Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee who investigated paid, Soviet agents in the U.S. government. This was a result of the conviction of Alger Hiss, a high level employee of the State Department, for perjury. Hiss was responsible for Poland being handed over to the Soviet Union after WWII when he was FDR's State Department advisor at Yalta.
At this time he was also a paid Soviet agent, a fact which he lied about under oath to the U.S. Congress.

(3) Never subpoenaed anyone from Hollywood, contrary to popular belief. This was done by the HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee, headed by Richard Nixon, then a Congressman from California.

(4) Everyone he accused of being a paid Soviet agent, was found to be, when de-crypted Soviet era intercepts, released in the 90's, named all of the accused as Soviet KGB and GRU assets.

(5) Patriotic American, successfully vilified by the Left for doing his job, he was unjustly censured by the Senate.
Senator Joseph McCarthy's character was assassinated by the Democrats with the help of "journalist" Edward R. Morrow in a campaign of mis-information that would make Josef Gobbles blush with pride.
by Torpedo Gunner May 16, 2009
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