Largest city in Europe, with a population of over 10,000,000. Former capital of the USSR, now capital of the Russian Federation.
The city is built in a series of rings surrounding the Kremlin, a massive medieval fortress in the center of the city which contains several palaces, cathedrals, and government buildings.
The subway system is the world's most used, and also one of the most extensive. Its beautifully decorated, spacious stations often feature opulent marble floors and crystal chandeliers. The city itself is experiencing a period of economic boom, with office rents skyrocketing and new apartment towers shooting up like weeds. Despite this, many in the city suffer from low living conditions, and much the rest of Russia has been left behind. The metropolis suffers from high pollution and glacial traffic, but is quickly rising to its place as one of the premier cities of Europe.
The winters in Moscow are incredibly cold.
by Andrei October 30, 2003
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Capital of the Russian Federation. Known as MOCKBA in Russian (MOCKBA pronounced Mosk-va)
Aeroflot flight: Berlin - Moscow $200
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 5, 2003
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Its in Russia. Also it has an awesome looking cathedral.
Strange and mysterious
Towers of red gold
Cold as ice
But one who really knows you
He knows that a fire burns
So hotly in you
Cossacks, hey hey hey, raise your glasses, hey
Natasha, ha ha ha, you are beautiful, ah ha
Comrades, hey hey hey, here's to life, hey
To your health, brother, hey, brother, ho!
Moscow, Moscow
Throw your glasses at the wall
Russia is a beautiful land
Ho ho ho ho ho, hey
Moscow, Moscow
Your spirit is so great
The Devil's loose there every night
Ha ha ha ha ha, hey
Moscow, Moscow
Love tastes like caviar
Maidens are for kissing there
Ho ho ho ho ho, hey
Moscow, Moscow
Come, we'll dance on the table
Until the table collapses
Ha ha ha ha ha
Door to the past
Mirror of the age of Tzars
Red like blood
He who knows your spirit
by Theinviz June 4, 2018
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Verb, Transitive
1) To down a beverage (esp. Alcoholic in a single gulp, similar to 'toskull', often in a loose, informal situation, for example a party
2) To kill or maim someone, esp. in a particualrly violent and/or distressing fasion
1) A Person or object which attracts much respect
2) An Unpleasant or undesirable situation
3) A Thugish or loutish person or object
1)"Galtie just moscowed that vodka"
2) "Piotr just moscowed Gunlod"
1)After climbing Everest Edmund Hilary became a Moscow
2)"ugh Physics was Moscow today"
3) "We better avoid those Moscows over there, they look dangerous"
by ragnardaunt October 1, 2005
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Muscovite girls are the dirtiest in Europe.
This Blyadki rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by shits February 6, 2005
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Another SoccerAM term, meaning 'must go'
''off to a convention in russia so moscow''
by James Harcourt October 25, 2004
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amazing city
in its uprising developmental stage
in Russia
with relentless culture
party atmosphere
and beauty
(if you know where to look)
and new potential
b.c Russians
are hard ass determined !
(He was flying in to Moscow on business)
by maria mouk May 2, 2005
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