A wally is infact someone who is very intelligent in some areas but very stupid (alomost unbelievably) in others, eg such as clumsiness.
You spilt your drink all over my bedside table you wally.
by Poohead January 7, 2004
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An insult that became popular in the 80's, meaning an idiot. Scholars of urban slang have long believed this word originated at Woodstock (15-17th Aug'69), when some hippy lost his dog called Wally. He wandered around the site shouting Wally, and before long the crowd started shouting it. After that, wally became a popular chant at music festivals. However, on a recording of a Jimi Hendrix concert on 9th Jan 1969 in Sweden (7 months before Woodstock), someone in the audience shouts wally while Jimi is dedicating a song, prompting him to say "yeah, this song is for wally too". So, while the word probably did originate at a festival, if has to be another one, not Woodstock.
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
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Useless, ineffectual person. Or whole dill pickled baby cucumber. Both east London, England. The latter usage is now rare. Pronunciation: WO-lee.
You couldn't find your arse (ass) with both hands behind you, you wally.
by Jim September 10, 2003
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Another word for penis. Used in certain dialects, or otherwise as a socially acceptable/quircky way to refer to a man's dick.
Ben, can you please remove your wally from my mouth. We're about to sing happy birthday to little Melissa.
by JZ783 March 24, 2016
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A person who doesn't know what is happening to them or why they are waiting for such a long time in a particular place.
"Just Made"
Then popped in this lovely bag
So you don't have to wait around like a wally.
Slogan used by the food chain Pret a Manger.
by David Hogg October 7, 2006
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Clark's Wallabees boots and shoes.
Those cream wally's are ill.
by Zeke January 12, 2004
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