The group in school who spin flags, throw rifles, and toss sabres. A group that gets no recognition what so ever
"Sorry I can't hang out today, I have color guard practice till 9"
by Culliotu February 19, 2018
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A league of trained assassins whose goal is to eliminate every last member of the marching band. They accomplish this by hitting instruments with their flags and encouraging members with an reward system for hitting certain instruments (Sousaphone is 1 point because it is so big, Piccolo is 10 points because it is so small). Do not be deceived by their innocent looks because you will regret every second you do.
Person 1: Dang that girl looks so nice.

Person 2: She's not; she's in color guard.
by Godyr December 28, 2012
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A combination of smiling, determination, pretty colors, pain, jazz running, hard work, dancing, staying in step, endurance, muscle, tight clothing, flags, rifles, sabres, spinning, tossing, makeup, counting, angles, intense heat, freezing cold, band camp, talent, practice, precision, music, visuals, beauty, inside jokes, friends, and total awesomeness.
The color guard is the pretty part of the band.
by guardgirl505 August 24, 2010
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The independent subcategory of a marching unit, which consists of 20 (estimate) or more individuals who don't just "twirl", or spin batons or whatever. In reality, Color Guard is a highly aggressive sport which requires the knowledge of how to throw a rifle, or a sabre, which is basically a huge-ass sword that you toss/wave around into people's face. BTW, in winterguard, you're legit 10 feet away from the audience-but that's a different story. The CENTRAL point of this definition is, color guard is not a bunch of "geeks" who spin flags. We're some pretty badass motherfuckers.
by Shutupandspin October 5, 2013
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A section of the marching band that spins/tosses a variety of different "weapons" including sabers, rifles, flags, and air blades. Generally gets made fun of by members of the winds and drum line. Guard members are the only ones who can describe how it feels to toss high into the air and catch perfectly, while staying in step and looking pretty. Because really, that's the only point of the guard; to look good.
Angry band member: "I hate color guard. They're always in the way, and they have it so easy. Everyone knows they only join because they suck at their instrument and aren't good enough to be on the cheer squad or dance team."

Guard member: "Hello, we have to run around you guys the entire parade, have practices twice as long as yours and three times as often. I play first chair on sax along with french horn and clarinet, AND I'm on the varsity cheerleading and dance teams. Piss off."
by Theangryspinner June 27, 2010
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Something that adds color and life into half time shows. I've seen shows without it and it's just not the same. Being part of it is a LOT harder than you would think. I was in it freshman year of high school and it was the hardest thing I did. It's a very rewarding sport and requires some skill. It is often made fun of and thought to be useless. They seem to believe that all we do is twirl our flags, but it is really MUCH more than that. We spin flags, rifles and sabers while marching and keeping smiles on our faces. Not only that, but there is also dance weaved into it. If you make your team, be prepared for multiple injuries, but also one of the best experiences.
During my year of Color guard, I hit my lip twice with my flag and rifle. I hit my funny bone multiple times and hit myself in the stomach trying to toss my flag above my head (the name of the move escapes me). But I came out feeling more responsible and feeling a lot better about myself in general. It really is a one of a kind experience.
by IloveCG April 29, 2011
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A group of people dedicated to representing thier school the best way possible by spinning flags, rifle, sabers and other equipment. This group marches with a marching band and compliments the music they play through the use of color, body movement, and equipment.
Everyone in the COLOR GUARD did a beautiful toss just as the cymbals crashed.
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