The bones in your elbow that hurt like hell when you hit them. A better name would be the f-u bone!
Ouch, I hit my funny bone!


Ouch, I hit my f-u bone!
by Cay_B June 16, 2011
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1. Bone of the upper arm known as the Humorous. n

2. Delicious chocolate snack cake with peanut butter filling. n
1. I broke my funny bone in 5 places...

2. I ate an entire box of funny bones because I'm a fat bastard.
by Roses March 3, 2005
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1. A point on the elbow, knee or more commonly the ear where the ulnar nerve runs close to the surface and produces a sharp tingling sensation if knocked against the bone.
Anna sometimes knocks Gerry's ear accidentally but sometimes hits his funny bone which is somehow funny and hurty at the same time.
by tom26 October 12, 2013
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Having rough sex with someone while wearing a clown suit.
Mike gave Lisa a funny bone.
by GaMeRuInEr July 30, 2006
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the bone called Humerus, Hunorous, moron.
When you say you hit your funny bone, you hit your Humerus, not your humorous.
by stefanian October 7, 2008
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noun: The male penis--sp. one which has a pronounced lateral curvature or twist along its length. See also bender and corkscrew

verb: An act of intercourse which causes the primary a fit of uncotrollable laughter, often to the irritation of the recipient or observer.
noun: so anyway, Ted finally whipped out his funny bone and it just grossed me out

verb: I was nailing this skanky ho and introduced her to my good friend Dirty sanchez -- what a funny bone it was!
by Phishn February 6, 2005
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